Basic questions were left out

Prof. Thomas Hoppe, German Commission for Justice and Peace | 16/09/2014

The EU December meeting took place at a time when important decisions were at stake: How could it become possible to increase the European competences for non-military forms of dealing with conflicts and of conflict resolution and to bolster their efficiency? How can all EU member states participate in solidarity in the necessary and obvious task of implementing the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in regions shattered by crisis and horrific violence? How strictly are military interventions of EU member states based on this humanitarian legitimacy; to what extent can this legitimacy predominate over other political interests, so that people in desperate situations may in fact hope to obtain such protection? Those questions reflecting the conceptual framework of CSDP unfortunately were not addressed at the summit meeting. They are much more important than the many particular aspects mentioned in the Conclusions of the European Council. Therefore a follow-up process is urgently needed in order to discuss these central questions and in order to further qualify the CSDP.

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