Mission, vision and values



The mission of Justice and Peace is to promote development among the poorest peoples and to promote social justice among nations.


This mission was entrusted in 1967 to the Catholic Church by Paul VI, to encourage the Christian community to take a joint action to address the economic, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of which the happiness or misery of the vast majority of human beings in the world depends on.


"You represent to our eyes the realization of the last vote of the Council (cf. Gaudium et Spes, 90). As in the past, and nowadays too, once built the church or the bell tower, a rooster is placed on top of the roof, as a surveillance symbol of faith and in the whole program of Christian life; just the same way as the spiritual building of the Council has been placed to this Commission [Justice and Peace], which has no other mission than to maintain the eyes of the Church open, a sensitive heart and the hand ready for the work of charity "in order to promote the progress of the poorest peoples and to promote social justice among nations" (Gaudium et Spes , 90) ". Paul VI.



It has a Christian vision of development, which is not limited to mere economic growth but that also involves the defense and promotion of the rights of people and peoples, not only for these rights to be recognized but also to be exercised and respected.


Justice and Peace Commissions are entrusted, in its charters, to study and help spreading the Social Doctrine of the Church, which includes this mission, vision and values. Therefore, Justice and Peace carries out this work devoting special attention to the dissemination of the World Peace Day’s message, celebrated every January 1st.



To carry out this mission, related to the dissemination of human rights, some actions to the defense and promotion of justice and peace, solidarity and care for the environment, respect for freedom, equality and inviolable dignity of every human person are put into practice; always from a permanent and necessary option in favour of the poorest ones.


We point out our intention to participate in the identity established for NGDOs in the point number 1 of the Conduct Code of the Coalition of NGOs for Development of Spain.