The idea of peace, as it is understood nowadays, was developed throughout the XIX century. Regarding its widest meaning, peace seeks the elimination of all sorts of violence, and not just the physical one which shows in war its highest perversion, but also the structural one, which condemns to poverty on economic grounds; and the cultural violence, which condemns on the grounds of caste, gender or believes.

In other words, peace as a concept joins the major streams of social thought, which seek people’s liberation and emancipation. In this sense, we should mention that in order to achieve this end, other values drawn up throughout the XIX and XX centuries, must be brought about: human rights and the struggle that today joins the vast majority of mankind to get them universally applied; social justice, which is a must in order to go further in rights and to eliminate inequalities among people; human development, which will enable the world’s peoples to wipe off poverty by extending and improving education and health; and finally, democracy, the political project in which all human beings, without discrimination, must share on equal opportunities, if we want to build up freer and more  egalitarian societies  

It is only under those conditions that true peace will be attained. A social project which let us dream of a society where the Earth’s inhabitants will some day be able to achieve a human integral security and a society without violence.