Fairer taxation for development

10/08/2015 14:39
Fairer taxation for development Note on the 3rd UN conference on financing for development (Addis Ababa, July 2015)   The third United Nations conference on financing for development was held from 13 to 16 July in Addis Ababa. 174 countries were represented and the outcome document was hailed...

High expectations, modest results

01/07/2015 11:36
Security and Defence matters at the European Council 25-26 June and beyond   At the European summit in December 2013 Heads of State and Government discussed “Defence matters” for the first time since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. They agreed on trying to restart the Common...

Cyprus – Building bridges of peace

05/06/2015 10:49
During the past few days Cyprus is experiencing very promising new attempts for a solution to the ongoing Cyprus political problem. A problem, that since 1974, keeps apart the two communities, the Greek Cypriot community, (in which the majority of the three religious minorities recognised under the...

The EU External Policy in December 2014 – Preparing for 2015

09/01/2015 12:17
During the last month of 2014, the European Commission published its work program for 2015 (16/12), the Council of Ministers of the European Union met twice: in the “Foreign Affairs” configuration (12/12 and 15/12) and in the “General Affairs” configuration (16/12). The European Council (Heads of...

Note on EU-policy on Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine from June to August 2014

12/09/2014 14:24
The European Union has not remained silent over the waves of violence in Northern Iraq, Gaza and Ukraine as is documented in the note below. It has repeatedly expressed its concerns and condemned the attacks; in the case of Ukraine it has also taken some concrete measures. However, it is...

Not giant but firm steps towards a stronger European Common Security and Defence Policy

15/01/2014 14:13
A Note on the December 2013 European Council   At their last European summit in 2013 heads of government and state held their first thematic debate on security and defence since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Having been absorbed over the past years by the crisis of the euro and by...
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