Press Releases

Integrate religious freedom into EU human rights policy priorities

23/04/2015 11:19
President of Justice and Peace Europe pleaded for increased protection of religious minorities worlwide during his meeting with EU Special Representative for Human Rights. On Tuesday, 21 April 2015, Luxembourg's Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, the President of Justice and Peace Europe, met in...

Launch of the 2015 Concerted Action of Justice and Peace Europe

18/02/2015 12:00
The nationalism of exclusion Launch of the annual Concerted Action of Justice and Peace Europe   Parties with nationalist programmes have been able to increase their popularity throughout Europe. This became particularly evident in the European elections in May 2014. Justice and Peace Europe,...

Promoting Human Dignity during an Economic Crisis

03/10/2014 19:00
Justice and Peace Europe meets in Greece (2014) The European Conference of Justice & Peace Commissions will meet from the 3rd to the 7th of October n Athens and Corinth for their annual International Workshop and General Assembly. The general theme of the meeting is “Human...

The Expulsion of the Christians of Mosul is horrendous

28/07/2014 13:50
A Call for Political Action by Justice and Peace Europe   Since the beginning of June ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and in Syria), now IS (Islamic State), a militant Salafist group, has spread terror across Syria and Northern Iraq and occupied cities here, the largest being Mosul, the ancient...
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