Human Development Report 2013

11/04/2013 13:04

"The rise of the South: Human progress in a diverse world" - examines the deep change that the global dynamics are experiencing with the fast rise of power of developing countries and with the important implication of this phenomenon for human development.

China has already overtaken Japan as the second world’s largest economy while, at the same time, it is drawing millions of people out of poverty. India is actively working to rethink its future with the new entrepreneurial creativity and innovations in social policy. Brazil has become a key driver of growth in South America, while the reduction of inequalities in the country through anti-poverty programs are emulated worldwide

Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia and many other nations that are dynamically developing, have also become major players on the world stage, offering significant political lessons and valuable alliances for the South as a whole, including the currently less developed countries.


The Human Development Report is presented in Spain on April 11, at 11:30 h., in the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).