Integrate religious freedom into EU human rights policy priorities

23/04/2015 11:19

President of Justice and Peace Europe pleaded for increased protection of religious minorities worlwide during his meeting with EU Special Representative for Human Rights.

On Tuesday, 21 April 2015, Luxembourg's Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, the President of Justice and Peace Europe, met in Brussels with EU Special Representative for Human Rigths, Stavros Lambrinidis. Archbishop Hollerich was accompanied by the Secretary General of COMECE, Fr. Patrick Daly.

The meeting took place in the context of the review of the EU Action Plan on Human Roogths and Democracy. Referring to the current situation concerning religious minorities, including Chsitians, who are facing religious persecution in many countries of the world, Archbishop Hollerich warned against tendencies to neglect the rigth to religious freedom and to subsume it merely under issues of freedom of expresion.

"It is important that the promotion of religious freedom and the protection od religious minorities be given a prominent place on the EU's human rigths agenda in order to guarantee the enjoyment of this fundamental rigth in all its dimensions, at the individual as well as at the collective level", the Archbishop stated.

In particular he underlined the necesity or a proper implementation of the recently adopted EU Guidelines on Freedom or Religion or Belief and pleaded for an intensification of the EU's engagement in regular dialogue with Churches and religious communities on matters related to religious freedom.

During the meeting, the promotion of human rigths in the context of EU's development policy was also discussed. Supponting educational policies was considered an efficient tool to counter religious extremism and violence.

Justice and Peace Europe

23 April 2015/Brussels