On the refugee crisis in Slovenia

17/11/2015 13:46



Slovenia is in a very difficult situation as tens of thousands of refugees and migrants from the East and Africa are arriving in our country every day.

Their reception, accommodation and transport towards Austria requires exceptional material and human efforts. In the name of the Slovenian Bishops' Conference I would therefore like to express my gratitude to the police, army, members of ACPDR (Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief) and numerous humanitarian organizations and their volunteers for their services and commitment.


Special gratitude goes to all members of the Caritas Slovenia and to all parishes which are selflessly taking care of the refugees and are thus ensuring for their transition to their final destinations to be as smooth as possible. At the same time I appeal to the government to offer the refugees safe conditions, appropriate accommodation and care. The government can count on all the possible help of our local Church and particularly Caritas Slovenia. The government should aim to reach an agreement on the refugee crisis at the levels of the European Union and neighbouring countries to

avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and turmoil in the coming days and weeks. I invite all citizens to be united and calm during this ordeal and to receive the refugees as brothers and sisters. I also invite the Catholics to pray for the refugees and for peace in the world.


Mgr. Andrej Glavan, the Bishop of Novo Mesto

(translated from the original text in Slovenian: Zvone Štrubelj)