Bulletin #37

Bulletin #37

Dear friends,


Last May the Spanish Bishops during their recent plenary meeting approved a pastoral instruction called “Church, servant of the poor” which we believe may not be enough known as it has been eclipsed by the encyclical Laudato Si’ that was publish a couple days afterwards. This document pretends to be a “realist and encouraging” enlightenment about the Spanish social and political situation.


From the civil society the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was held. This year has incorporated the new Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), presented in New York on 25 September in the UN General Assembly. Compared to previous Millennium Development Goals, the ODS involve expanding the scope of the international development agenda and fully include the care of the common home. We need a human, sustainable, comprehensive and integrated development.


In late September, it took place an International Seminar of Conference of the European Justice and Peace Commissions in addition to the annual meeting. The seminar was titled "European models of coexistence. Experiences in Copenhagen and Malmö". From the Danish and Swedish realities, the attendants to meeting reflected together on the management of coexistence and social integration into European societies, increasingly pluralistic and complex, due mainly to the phenomenon of immigration. Collective duty to build welcoming societies that promote the integral development of all its members on the basis of the equal dignity of all persons was underlined.


During the months of October and November, the General Commission for Justice and Peace of Spain has participated in two meetings with members of the administration and civil society, held in the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Mineco), and the Ministry of Foreign and Cooperation (MAEC), in order to exchange views on the European regulation of supply of minerals, extracted in conflict zones. The others entities present were Alboan, Amnesty International, and REDES.


The General Commission has carried out numerous activities in this quarter. Some of them are described on the back, highlighting the launch of the Commission for Justice and Peace in Murcia, a city that belongs to the Diocese of Cartagena.

Through these lines, we wish to advance a happy Christmas in the light of love that comes from the fragility of a child who is poor.


Yours sincerely,


Isabel Cuenca