Bulletin #46: Accessibility to potable and safe drinking water

Bulletin #46: Accessibility to potable and safe drinking water

November 2018


Dear Friends,


The past 1st of September, in the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, the Pope Francis thanked for the “sister water, simple and useful to the life of the planer like no other thing. It is because of this, taking care of fountains and water basins is an urgent imperative. Today is it necessary to look further than immediacy more than ever, getting over the utilitarianism criteria of efficiency and productivity to the individual benefit. It urges to create shared projects and specific actions, taking into account that any privatization of the natural good that is water is unacceptable and can harm the human right of its access”.


For the fourth year in a row, Justice and Peace has joined the more than two hundred institutions of catholic inspiration that promote the initiative of the Church for the Decent Work to celebrate the World Day for the Decent Work of October the 7th, calling public acts, vigils and Eucharists under the slogan “decent work is not a tale”.  In two different dates separated for a month, on October 17th and November 18th, from the civil society and the Catholic church, we are invited to act and shout against poverty.


For the 50th anniversary of the General Commission of Justice and Peace in Barcelona, from September 20th to the 30th, the International Workshop of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions was celebrated in Barcelona with the title “Water, source of life, human right and Europe’s responsibility.” The meeting coincided with the initiative “Season of Creation” which urged us to walk together. This is what we did in the Llobregat Delta as a symbolic act, and from this walk-in nature, we shared the conclusions of the Europe Seminary of Justice and Peace. On October 1st, we celebrated the General Assembly in the Cave of Saint Ignatius, in Manresa.


In the back cover we have summarized some activities in which the General Commission has participated during the past months. Among them we can highlight the common work and projects that have been growing carried out by Church organizations as Connect yourself for Justice and the Ecclesiastical group against Human Trafficking. Furthermore, we have mentioned the final document of the Synod of youth and the round table that has been argued in Cuenca with reason of the World Development Information Day under the title of “Doing good in a good way: truthful communication for a shared development.”


One more time, we ask for the respect of the tights of migrant people and refugees and to multiply the effort to find a solution to the drama they suffer daily.


Kind regards,


Isabel Cuenca Anaya