Bulletin #47 Good politics is at the service of peace

Bulletin #47 Good politics is at the service of peace

March of 2019

Dear Friends,

2019 has started full of election dates, as it is more important than ever to remember the World Day of Peace Message of Pope Francis. “Every election and re-election, and every stage of public life, is an opportunity to return to the original points of reference that inspire justice and law. One thing is certain: good politics is at the service of peace. It respects and promotes fundamental human rights, which are at the same time mutual obligations, enabling a bond of trust and gratitude to be forged between present and future generations.”

“Adjust Europe to the common good” is the appeal of Justice and Peace Europe in its annual Concerted Action before the elections to the European Parliament held in May. Justice and Peace Europe has identified four problems which depict aspects in which the single market is not properly working if we consider the values and principles that have built the European Union and the ones that the Social Teachings of the Church has promoted. Social inequality, food waste, arms export, and multinationals that violate some rights are the topics we have chosen as they demonstrate the violations of the principles of social justice, healthy nature, global peace and respect for human rights.  

Some initiatives have been collected and carried out in some cities in our country to embrace and incorporate migrant and refugee people. With them, we can show new ideas that, regardless of their innovation, make their most sense when they are carried out from the hosting familiar warmth and the sharing of goods and resources. It is appreciated that the diocese and the civil society are not foreign in this forced migration phenomena of people and boost the action of the public administration.

In the back cover there are different activities and references to problems in which the General Commission have participated during the last months. They represent the work with other organizations in the Church Group Against Trafficking, ConnectYourself for Justice, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and the Church in Europe, among others.

The Standing Committee of the Synod of the 27th of February has named new representatives for the General Commission of Justice and Peace for the period of three years. Fco. Javier Alonso, from Madrid, is the new president; EudaldVendrel, from Barcelona, is the vice-president, and I stay as general secretary.

From the 5th to the 7th of April we will celebrate the Annual Meeting of Justice and Peace in Madrid with the title “Europe for the common good and peace”. We would like you to come and participate in it. More information and registration in www.juspax-es.org, with the deadline on 26th of March. We hope for your participation.

Yours sincerely,

Isabel Cuenca, secretary-general