Church united for decent work

Church united for decent work


Declaration of the catholic-inspiration organisations for decent work


"There is no deeper material poverty than which deprives people from the dignity of labour and their daily business". "Youth unemployment, informal labour and the lack of labour rights are not unavoidable, they are the result of a previous social option from an economic system that prefers benefit rather than people".  These are some words on labour and its impact on people's life from Pope Francis, who once again looks back on this topic.

Labour is crucial for achieving one's vocation and for acknowledging people's sacred dignity. Through labour, we can build social and political life and contribute to God's design for humankind. Dignity is injured when labour lacks.

Therefore, it is vital to place everyone's need for decent labour on first place on our organisations' agendas. It must appear in the political agenda, as well as in the social and business entities' and in our own personal one. Not to forget in the agenda of our Church's proposals.

On this purpose, representatives of Catholic-inspiration organisations and religious communities, gathered in Rome on April 29-30 2014 to meet officials from the Holy See and leaders from the International Labour Organisation for explicitly placing "decent labour for everyone" among the objectives of sustainable development of the post-2015 agenda.  These representatives developed a declaration that we Catholic organisations in Spain want to validate and make our own.

For our entities, it is essential to promote and create a supportive labour environment for facing the current challenges of increasing inequality and social justice, while reinforcing human dignity and contributing to common good.  Moreover, we cannot forget the human suffering born from unfair structures, people's selfishness —generating so many precarious jobs—, human trafficking and forceful labour, various forms of youth unemployment and forceful migration.

In Spain, Europe and the whole world, accessing decent labour should be a priority in public policies and in social, business and unions organisations. Policy-making in Spain, the EU and the UN becomes necessary for achieving this objective. It is urgent to produce and implement a new set of international development objectives, along with aid conditions and economic policies.

We affirm with Pope Francis that "our dream soars higher. We are not simply talking about ensuring nourishment or a 'dignified sustenance' for all people, but also their 'general temporal welfare and prosperity'. This means education, access to health care, and above all employment, for it is through free, creative, participatory and mutually supportive labour that human beings express and enhance the dignity of their lives" (EG 192).

Spain is not foreign to the increasing social injustice, to the increasing inequality or to unemployment rates highly superior to the European average. For this reason, we are committed to work along the various organisations that promote decent labour:

  • Helping and spreading events that defend decent labour in Spain and worldwide
  • Spotting and denouncing in the media the situation of inequality of access to decent labour and the loss of labour and social rights that this means.

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Supported by:

  • Acción Católica General
  • Acción Católica Obrera (ACO) de Madrid
  • Acción Cultural Cristiana (ACC)
  • Acoger y Compartir
  • Apostólicas del Corazón de Jesús
  • Área Social de la Institución Teresiana en España
  • Asociación Puente de Esperanza Madrid
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  • Comisión de Justicia y Paz de los Asuncionistas de España
  • Compañía Sta. Teresa de Jesús-Provincia Sagrado Corazón–Comunidad de P. Santa María del Buen Aire
  • Comunidad de la P. San Pablo
  • Comunidad de la Sagrada Familia de Burdeos
  • Congregación de las Religiosas de Jesús-María. Provincia de España
  • Congregación de María Reparadora de Triana (Sevilla)
  • Coordinadora Estatal de Plataformas Sociales Salesianas
  • Cristianisme i Justícia
  • Cristianos de la Parroquia de Santa Bibiana
  • Foro de parados en acción
  • Cristianos Socialistas de Madrid PSM-PSOE
  • Delegación del Sector Social de los Jesuitas en España
  • El Movimiento Internacional de Estudiantes Católicos IMCS-MIEC Pax Romana
  • EPPO´s de Madrid
  • Foro de Curas de Madrid
  • Fraternidad Cristiana de Personas con Discapacidad de España, Frater España
  • Fraternidad Cristiana de Personas con Discapacidad de Madrid (Frater)
  • Fundación Ayuda Solidaria Hijas de Jesús
  • Hermanas Franciscanas del E.S. Comunidad de Vallecas
  • Hermandad Obrera de Acción Católica (HOAC) de Madrid
  • Hermandades del Trabajo (HHT)
  • Hermandades del Trabajo. Comisión Nacional
  • Hermanitas de Jesús de Foucauld
  • Hermanitas de la Asunción
  • Hermanitas de la Asunción-Equipo de JPIC de España-Portugal
  • I.S. Siervas Seglares de Jesucristo Sacerdote
  • Institución Javeriana
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  • Plataforma LARES
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  • Las Esclavas de la Virgen Dolorosa
  • Manos Unidas
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  • Movimiento de los Focolares en España
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  • Revista 21
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  • RR de la Compasión
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  • Agustina González Álvarez
  • Ángela  de Miguel
  • Anunciación Esteve Manzano
  • Mª Lucía Zurita García
  • Mº Teresa Zabala Casla
  • Luis Plasencia Araguas
  • Sonnia Mirta Aparicio Aparicio
  • Natividad Ilundain Aldaba
  • Rafael Díaz Quidiello
  • Fernando Alonso Guinea
  • Eva Gálvez Huerta
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