Dignity of work

Dignity of work

Annual Working Day of Spanish General Commission for Justice and Peace

Dignity of work

Seville, 7th and 8th of March 2014

Place of the working day

Archbishop’s palace, Dominguez Valverde hall. Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, s/n Seville



Friday, 7 p.m

19:00 h. Opening: José Robles Gómez, counsellor of Justice and Peace of Seville. Eduard Ibáñez Pulido, President of the General Commission of Justice and Peace of Spain: CGJP

19:15 h. Labour and human dignity. Ildefonso Camacho Laraña sj.… Doctor of Theology, licensed in Philosophy and Economics

20:00 h. Labour and Social Doctrine of the Church. FlaminiaGiovanelli, Pontifical Justice and Peace Council.

Moderator: Isabel Cuenca Anaya, secretary-general of CGJP.


Saturday, 8 a.m

10:00 am. Round Table: Justice and dignity at work

  • Labour exploitation in the world. Marina Ponce Suárez, Christian Cultural Movement.
  • Immigration and labour, Asmaa Hallaga, Foundation Sevilla Acoge’s Board
  • Women and Labour. Lina Gálvez Muñoz, History and Economic Institutions professor at Pablo de Olavide University.

Moderator: Francisco Javier Alonso Rodríguez, vice-president of CGJP.


12:00 pm. Round Table: Economics, market of labour and working conditions

  • Business. Ignacio Valduerteles Bartos, entrepreneur.
  • Labour Law. Emilio Gómez Ciriano, teacher at Castile-La Mancha University.
  • Industrial action. Miriam Pinillos Carrascosa, CCOO Andalusia.

Moderator: Eduard Ibáñez Pulido, President of CGJP


Saturday, 8 p.m

16:30 p.m. Experiences panel. Helping to look for other working conditions

  • Cardenal Espínola Foundation. Ricardo Díaz Ramos, Justice and Peace of Seville.
  • Rueda Solidaria. Sebastián Galera Galera, Justice and Peace of Seville.
  • Economy of Communion. Elena Bravo Bravo, Focolare Movement.
  • ONNA de las Adoratrices Project. Nuria López Gonzalez, psychologist.

Moderator: Manuel Navarro Palacios, Justice and Peace of Seville.


19:00 p.m Roundtable: The borders between decent work and the economy.

  • PER and working conditions in Andalusia. José Chamizo de la Rubia, Andalusian ex-ombudsman.
  • Informal economy. Manuel Luis GóngoraGarcía, economist.
  • Labour and the third sector. José Antonio García González, economist specialised in association management.

Moderator: Francisco del Río Muñoz, Justice and Peace of Seville.

Presentation of the Justice and Peace Europe 2014 Concerted Action about: Youth Unemployment


Sunday, 9 (activities not included in the official programme)

9:30 a.m. Eucharist in San Esteban

10:20 a.m. Plenary Session. Hermandad de San Esteban Hall.

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13 euros per person including Saturday’s lunch; independent dinners (possibility of having tapas)


Accommodation and breakfast

Hotel for the nights of the 7th and 8th of March.

  • 58  euros per night a single room.
  • 66 euros per night a double room.

Hotel Don Paco.  Plaza Padre Jerónimo de Córdoba, 4-5 Seville (Reservations must be done exclusively through Justice and Peace through the registration form)

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Download Agenda: Seville agenda.pdf