Messages for World Day Peace

Messages for World Day Peace

Dear friends,


The Spanish Justice and Peace General Commission has produced an electronic publication of the Messages for the World Day of Peace which Pope Benedict XVI addressed to the Church and all men of goodwill in the years of his pontificate, between 2006 and 2013.


Monsignor Santiago Gómez Sierra, assistant bishop of Seville and companion bishop of this Spanish Commission for Justice and Peace, underlines the aim of the publication in the preface. This is to pay tribute of recognition and gratitude to Pope Benedict’s, who has left us a magnificent teaching due to its theological depth and the way it has given light to the Church and the world, that aim to find new paths to justice and peace to escape armed conflict labyrinths, the unceasing underfoot of human rights and the peace which is being threatened and which all peoples are sighing for.


Javier Alonso Rodríguez, vice-president of the Spanish Commission, has brought together tables of contents and indices which are presented at the end of the publication.

The result of the work is a CD containing the publication that includes slide presentations too, developed by the Peace and Justice team of Segovia for the prayers for peace which have been held every year in the diocese. All diocesan commissions of Justice and Peace hold celebrations for peace at the beginning of the year to spread the word of the Message of Peace which the Pope sends to the world. These celebrations allow the spreading of the Social Doctrine of the Church in a contemporary way and they are a common symbol of work and concern of all the commissions.


The publication is in Spanish language and you can find it in this link.


Our motive has been full of enthusiasm and hope in Peace, believing that, as Pope Francis stated: “The use of violence does not bring peace. War calls for war. Violence calls for violence”.


Yours faithfully,



                                                                                                         Isabel Cuenca Anaya


World Day Peace Messages.pdf (144314)