Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3

November 2013

Dear friends,

All of the articles that have been chosen for this newsletter invite us to ask ourselves: Where is your brother, or your sister?

The events in Lampedusa and Malta, due to their tremendous seriousness, have forced the Spanish and European responsible people to open their eyes and to encounter the “collateral” effects of the migration policies designed by them and how its repressive and exclusive nature condemns the future of millions of men, women and children.

Just like every year, last 17th of October, the World Poverty Day was celebrated under the motto “Against the Riches that Impoverishes, act!” The markets, the stock market and the banking community are those who really run the governments. They develop policies that destroy the planet and condemn millions of human beings to exclusion and death. Impoverished countries have suffered from this wild pillage during decades, but the current crisis has worsened this “cancer” in the developed countries, reaching massively the most vulnerable people.

The work of peace calls us to courageous engagement with the reality and threat of violence. In today’s Europe, the violence of our past weighs on the present and continues to cast shadows over our future. Seeking to better understand the causes and consequences of this violence, the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions has come to Berlin, from 20th to 22nd September 2013, for a reflection on these issues informed by the concrete experiences of Germany.

In our streets, in our squares, there are women and girls that have been caught in their countries of origin to be sexually abused, being put to work or undergoing other forms of slavery. The 18th of October we celebrated an Anti-trafficking Day entitled “Experiences of awareness and prevention” organised with Caritas Spain, White Cross Foundation, CONFER and the EEC Migration Secretariat.

From Justice and Peace of Spain we want –in line with pope Francis– to recover the sense of fraternal responsibility between individuals as well as peoples. A fraternity that removes the structures of injustice and selfishness that generate the unbearable disparities and inequalities that are the origin of massive migratory phenomena towards Europe, of poverty, of the belief of the superiority of a race or peoples over others and of the use of people as tools.

In the inside front cover, we inform you of the new electronic publication of the World Day of Peace Messages, written by Benedict XVI (, to finish summarising the news and the agenda of the last season.

Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                                     Isabel Cuenca Anaya