Newsletter #4

Newsletter #4

March 2014


Dear friends,

On the occasion of the elections of the European Parliament at the end of May, we invite citizens, as well as political, economic, social and religious leaders to engage more actively to make possible the project of European building as a community of solidarity and responsibility favouring justice and peace in the world.

Pope Francis has gifted us the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium at the end of November. We summarise some of the topics related directly with the mission of Justice and Peace. The social demands related to the distribution of income, the social inclusion of the poor and human rights cannot be smothered under the pretext of the building of a “desk consensus” or a non-lasting peace for a happy minority. The dignity of the human being and the common good are far above the tranquillity of some who do not want to surrender their privileges. When these values are affected, a prophetic voice is needed.

Last 10th of December, in the International Human Rights Day, the 164 Caritas Internationalis organisations join after more than 60 years fighting against hunger and poverty in order to present their first Mobilisation and Advocacy joint campaign for the Right to Food in the world: “One human family, food for all”, inviting all the entities in the Church to participate in it.

The commissions for Justice and Peace, which are part of the Conference of Commissions of Justice and Peace of Europe, carry out an annual joint concerted action. In 2014, the commissions want to warn about youth unemployment, a crisis that threatens our future.

In Pope Francis’ first message for the celebration of the World Day of Peace the 1st of January 2014, the Holy Father reflects on the topic of fraternity as the foundation and pathway to peace. Francis invites us to reflect on, pray and act in this regard.

In the last month various infringements in the protection of human rights have taken place. Last 6th February we lived the tragedy of the deaths of 15 immigrants in the beach of Tarajal (Ceuta) and a few days ago, Spain has given green light to the procedure of a reform project of the Universal Jurisdiction that pretends to limit it.

This year, the Annual day of the General Commission, entitled “Dignity of Work”, will take place in Seville from 7th to 8th of March. The talks, debates and round tables will go in depth about the effects of the crisis on working conditions, the realities that impinge the conditions of a decent work and the keys that the Social Doctrine of the Church provides.

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Yours sincerely,

Isabel Cuenca Anaya