On the new losses in the Mediterranean

On the new losses in the Mediterranean

After the new, alarming news of people losing their lives in wrecks in the Mediterranean, we the signing entities want to express once again our grief and indignation about this unacceptable tragedy that goes on.

We believe that this terrible situation requires prompt international intervention to set an aid system within Mediterranean waters to save lives. Moreover, it is necessary in Europe to create a steady, controlled system that allows the entry for humanitarian reasons. In case that Europe did not have the power to put these deaths in the sea to an end, the United Nations must take action by using every available means, including gathering the Security Council.

Furthermore, we side with the emotional prayer that the Pope sent on this Sunday's Angelus for all those people that "sought happiness, but found death instead", just as we stick to his petition for a International Community mobilisation.

Finally, we once again want to publicly demand what we have demanded in previous releases —it is urgent and necessary the implementation of a new European policy that prioritises life-protecting and migrants' human rights instead of controls, vigilance and border blockades; that warrants and respects the right to asylum; that truly enables labour migration and that successfully supports peace, stability and human development within Europe and the whole world.


Madrid, April 22 2015


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