Quarterly Bulletin #35

Quarterly Bulletin #35

March 2015

Dear friends,

This year's Global Peace Day theme is called Not slaves, but brothers and sisters. Pope Francis points out the faces of our century's slavery while analysing its causes. In today's society we have put price to human dignity and feel unmoved by the constant "transformation" of people into things, in such a degree that we may end up taking part in this commercialization and enslaving. For all this, the Pope raises his voice for personal and community commitment at all levels so solidarity is globalised; so we become aware of that buying is a moral act, plus economic; and so we see a brother or a sister in every person.

The Spanish National Plan for Enterprises and Human Rights provides a respect mark upon human rights from the enterprises that operate at national and international levels and within the commercialization chain up to the consumer. On February 20 we held a seminar with the purpose of promoting reflecting about the citizens' role as responsible consumers that take human rights into account when making ordinary decisions that may affect their purchase.

Justice and Peace Europe 2015 Concerted Action warns against populist xenophobic nationalism, promoted by parties that propose simplistic policies and instructions based on the idea that prosperity and security can only be achieved through unilateral and national —or even contrary to other people— measures.

International Catholic Church organisations began a year and a half ago a covenant for fostering the promotion of dignified, good quality work and social protection both at workplace and at all economy sectors, including informal economy. They support the ILO's effort to include dignified work in the post-2015 development mark.

We conclude this newsletter with some activities in which the Justice and Peace Spanish Commission has taken part within the last quarter. We highlight the work done among the three Interchurch Groups to where it belongs: Human Trafficking, Cooperation for Development from the social justice perspective and Migrations. Additionally, we point out our denounce to the revisable permanent prison sentence.

Between April 10-12 we are celebrating in Lleida this entity's Global Day. From this letter we want to share this event with everybody, hoping everyone gets this invitation and joins it.

Yours sincerely,


Isabel Cuenca Anaya