Social network campaign

Social network campaign

The Justice and Peace General Commission is participating, among other Church’ institutions, in the Laudato si’ week, which has organized a whole programme with debates, workshops, events…but also, we have developed a campaign on social media, with a complementary calendar. Thanks to this we will live this week in a special way, where the encyclical letter Lausato si’ in which we have worked and reflect for a long time, it has been put at the centered of the debate.




From 6 to 14 May

During these days we invite, from the Diocesans Commissions of JP and people and entities participating, to send us pictures, drawings, images, videos…where it has to be included a phrase concerning some of the elements talked about on the encyclical letter Lausato si’ (mountains, oceans, air, ecosystems, land…) and the JP hashtag #JPLaudatosi and the common hashtag #LaudatoSi5. You can also create a poster with the question pope Frnacis asks us: “What kind of world we want lo leave for the next generation?” We encourage everyone to let the imagination flow, to be original, to make us be surprised. You can send the material to the following mail


From 13 to 15 May

On these days we will publish the video of the Pope, with the following text:

“What a world we want to leave to those who succeed us, to the children who are growing up. The cry of the earth and the cry of the poor are not enough”

We can also use songs related with the topic “everything is connected” or with something said on the Laudato si’. Some songs:
-    La ballena azul, Vainica Doble
-    Planeta agua, Ana Belén
-    Moving, Macaco
-    We Kill The World/Don't Kill the World, Boney M 
-    El tiempo de las moreras, La Bruja Gata
-    Canto a la Madre Tierra, Takiwaska


From 16 to 24 May

Each day we can share a picture with a message from the next link in social netwoks:


Thank you very much for your participation!!!!