Statement about Syria

Statement about Syria



In view of the serious war events taking place in Syria, the General Commission for Justice and Peace of Spain wishes to state:

1. The horror and outrage because of the use of chemical weapons in the conflict that led to the death of hundreds of people, mostly civilian. If this absolutely inadmissible fact is confirmed, we believe that it is a very serious fact of war crimes. Its authorship and circumstances should be investigated by independent organizations and their responsible persons should be tried by impartial courts or the International Criminal Court.


2. The International Community can’t allow these crimes and should take all the necessary political, legal and diplomatic measures to prevent recurrence, to ensure the punishment of culprits and to work for resolving the conflict. However, we believe that it is a serious mistake to respond by means of a bombardment or armed attack - with unpredictable consequences – to one of the contending parts, as this attack will cause more innocent victims and the worsening of situation. We ask the Spanish government not to collaborate or support any action in this regard.


3. We also want to express our deep sadness about the scale of death and destruction that is generating this tragic conflict, as well as our solidarity and prayer for the suffering of all victims. We called for the warring parties and actors involved to immediately cease hostilities and to strive for achieving a just peace through dialogue. In this sense, we join our voice to Pope Francis’s voice, who has urged the international community "to make every effort to promote peace initiatives without hesitation" in Syria. "The use of violence does not bring peace. War calls fot war. Violence begets violence," he said and, therefore, we join his call to celebrate the upcoming September 7 a day of fasting and prayer for peace in this country.


Madrid, September 2nd, 2013


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