Statement about violence in Gaza

Statement about violence in Gaza

On the occasion of the new escalation of violence between Palestinians and Israelis, the General Commission for Justice and Peace of Spain once again wishes to express its horror, outrage and deep sadness.

We consider absolutely unacceptable and criminal the action of the parties involved in this new episode of war, through multiple and deliberate murder, the bombing and the throw of rocket fire on civilians and the use of population as a shield to perpetrate attacks, knowingly (many times) causing the death of innocent people, including children and families.

We call again and once again upon the warring parties and all parties involved to cease hostilities immediately and unconditionally, and direct all their efforts towards achieving a just and lasting peace through dialogue, mutual recognition and the respect of rights human for persons and peoples, that are the only option to end this long and bloody conflict.

Also, we make our own the words of the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, that has recalled that the only way out of the endless cycle of violence that has bloodied earth of Jesus is to be "free from any leadership that feeds the cycle of violence" and to support leaders willing to acknowledge that "God has planted here three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and two peoples, Palestinians and Israelis".

The International Community cannot tolerate violence nor be resigned himself before   violence and it should take all political, diplomatic and legal measures to prevent recurrence, and it should work harder for peace. In this regard, we once again call to the Government of Spain to work resolutely for the same purpose.

Finally, we express our solidarity and raise our prayer to God to the suffering of all victims.


Spanish General Commission for Justice and Peace

Madrid July 11, 2014

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