Catholic entity that promotes and defends human rights, social justice, peace, solidarity and care for nature. It is an advisory body that enables the tasks of the Catholic Church in this mission, which is inspired by the Social Teaching of the Church and based on a commitment to the most impoverished people in our world.

It is made up of volunteers who maintain an open, dialogical, and committed attitude while trying to live Gospel values consistently. Within it, there is a healthy pluralism of opinions and democratic behavior, within a will to transform the current society and international order that looks towards the utopia of a more just, peaceful and humane world.

The General Commission is a coordinating body, made up of representatives from the various Justice and Peace Commissions in the Spanish dioceses.


Mission, vision, values, spirituality, statutes, institutional information.


Government body, volunteers, human resources, organization chart.


Activity reports, clean stats, action policies.


Spanish political transition, amnesty for political prisoners, abolition of the death penalty, recognition of the right of conscientious objection to military service, 0.7 percent GDP for development, cancellation of foreign debt.