A culture of care as a path to peace


March 2021

Dear friends:

The Pope's message for the World Day of Peace has recalled in its opening lines all those who have been affected by the Covid-19 health crisis in some way. It has also remembered those groups that have been at the forefront of helping people hit by the pandemic throughout these months. The culture of care, as a common, supportive and participatory commitment to protect and promote the dignity and good of all people, is a privileged way to build peace. It is a disposition to care, attention, compassion, reconciliation and recovery, respect and mutual acceptance. 2021 will be a happy year if we grow in the culture of care. This culture permeates all the sustainable development goals and it requires the alliance of public, ecclesial and social actors.

Looking ahead to the open dialogue process, which will take the form of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Justice and Peace proposes points for reflection and action during this Lenten season as part of its European Concerted Action 2021. Dialogue is key to just transitions and conflict resolution. In order for good dialogue to take place, an appropriate framework of values, a responsibility to reach agreements and a respect for diversity that includes and cares for all European peoples and nations, whether or not they are in the European Union (EU), are required.

Economy without Human Trafficking was the motto for the World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking. It highlights one of the main causes of trafficking: the dominant economic model, whose limits and contradictions are aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Trafficking is the tip of the iceberg of a malaise based on a false idea of economic freedom in which every ethical, social and political instance is extraneous and an obstacle. The company is valued more for the price of its shares on the financial markets than for the added value generated by its human capital. On the contrary, an economy without human trafficking is an economy that values and cares for human beings and nature, an economy that includes and exploits no one.

The power cuts in the Cañada Real Galiana during the winter, produced in the most precarious sectors, constitute a lack of respect for human rights and undermine the dignity of those who live there. Justicia y Paz of Madrid has called for an effective and urgent involvement of all administrations to undo the unsustainable situation and accelerate responses.

On the back cover we include a summary of the activities of the platforms Migrantes con Rights and Connect Yourself for Justice, as well as the latest news on due diligence in the EU. We reflect the profile of Luis Zurdo, partner of Justicia y Paz, who passed away on February 16. Luis was at the side of the most vulnerable people, tirelessly defending reforms and relentlessly raising his voice in the promotion of social justice. Farewell, friend!

Another event that is not included in this newsletter but is historic in 2021 is the entry into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Congratulations, we made it!

Isabel Cuenca Anaya