An inclusive world


June 2021

Dear friends,

«Towards an ever wider "we"» is the title of the message published by Pope Francis for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, to be celebrated on September 26. Considering that humanity is one, we are urged to walk together, to break down the walls that divide us and to transform them into bridges that will bring us together: «God willing, after all this, we will think no longer in terms of "them" and "those", but only "us"» (Fratelli tutti, 35). Our commitment as members of the Catholic Church is to live this catholicity by making it a reality in the present moment, creating communion in diversity and embracing differences.

The Annual Meeting of the General Commission for Justice and Peace has been organized together with the Valladolid Diocesan Commission and will be held in Valladolid from September 24-26. It will provide a space for analysis with the aim of promoting a sense of global citizenship, equal rights, respect, tolerance and appreciation of natural and human diversity. The recognition of our multiple belongings and the responsibilities and opportunities that they entail, based on shared human dignity, can help to find and demand participatory processes that will favour the rightful exercise of citizenship to which we are all entitled.

The IV Reflection Day organized by the European Laudato Si' Alliance, of which Justice and Peace Europe is member, was held on May 27 with the main theme "Time to Choose". The event highlighted the importance of long-term thinking and cooperation - everything is connected - as well as the value and follow-up of good practices that combine ecology, inclusion and spirituality, and in which the impact of the encyclical on European life is clearly manifested. This way of thinking, for its part, requires an intergenerational solidarity that goes beyond the "I" and facilitates participation and political transition to a development model that would regenerate the planet and better distribute wealth, according to the concept of the doughnut economics.

The data of the last Labor Force Survey is heartbreaking when registering unemployment, poverty and social exclusion, short term contracts and lack of protection against unemployment. On May Day, the Church for Decent Work  demands the redefinition of the idea of work as a human activity; a new social contract based on human centrality, decent work and care for the world; as well as the access to new measures of social protection regardless of work, and the social and labor recognition of jobs that are essential for life.

On the back cover we include the latest actions of the organizations Migrants with Rights and Connect Yourself for Justice. In addition, we also include a call for global cooperation that aims to ensure that vaccines reach all people as a matter of justice, solidarity and, above all, because health is a global and universal right. Let us be vaccinated against indifference. We also recall the life of our dear friend Arcadi Oliveres, a great peace activist.

We are just awakening from the state of alertness caused by the coronavirus and a hope summer is arriving. Let us not forget that we share the planet and we must make it an inclusive, fraternal and committed place: our common home.

Isabel Cuenca Anaya