Conference on the Future of Europe: Catholic Church and Migration


Global migration is a major challenge for much of the today world and a priority for the Catholic Church. In word and deed, Pope Francis repeatedly shows his deep compassion for all people who "flee from war and hunger, or who are forced to leave their homeland because of discrimination, persecution, poverty and environmental degradation". He calls for welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating people forced to seek a new home in our societies. The proposals are safe routes, defence of rights and dignity, greater participation of migrants and refugees to enrich local communities.

In Fratelli tutti he recognises that Europe, aided by its great cultural and religious heritage, it has the means to defend the centrality of the human person and to find the right balance between its twofold moral responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens and to assure assistance and acceptance to migrants. Our response can only be the fruit of a common effort to develop a form of global governance with regard to movements of migration. Thus, there is a need for mid-term and long-term planning which is not limited to emergency responses.

What is the Catholic Church's point of view on the important issues for Europe and the European Union on the legislative framework governing the management of asylum and migration in terms of responsibility and solidarity?, does it support the management of external borders to combat smuggling of migrants?, does it share the cooperation in strengthening international partnerships on return and reintegration?, how can it contribute to integration to make societies more inclusive?, We will be talking about all of this on Wednesday 15th  December at 18:00 h. in Madrid. The webinar is in Spanish language. Simultaneous translation into French will be provided.