Fratelli tutti 


Dear friends,

Fratelli tutti is the latest update of the Church's social thought written by Pope Francis. The Encyclical is situated in continuity with the teaching not only of Pope Francis, but of the preceding Popes and the Second Vatican Council. The text affirms the commitment of believers to human rights in the service of universal brotherhood. It argues that trampling on human dignity and human rights means trampling on God.

Journeys such as the care of creation, the eradication of poverty, world food, the response to migrants, refugees and victims of trafficking or decent work have been illuminated by the Laudato Si' Goals (LSG) together with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which we promote as civil society organizations. The LSG will accompany us during this Laudato Si' Year, initiated in the fifth anniversary of this Encyclical, and will help us to carry out the ecological conversion. The document constitutes a moral and spiritual guide for the construction of a more solidary, fraternal, peaceful and sustainable world.

Justice and Peace from Europe has held its annual meeting under the sign of the pandemic. For the first time in its history, the General Assembly, which brings together all the national commissions of Europe, was held online, and of course the theme was "Religion and Society in the Time of COVID19". The ecclesial entities that are part of "Weaving Networks against Trafficking" on the European Day against this scourge, testify to the aggravation that the pandemic is adding to the situation of systematic violation of human rights of people who have been trafficked.

In the back cover we gather other events that took place during the autumn and information received during these months. Justice and Peace is part of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, through the TPNW Treaty agreed at the UN, and celebrates the great step towards peace that the Treaty has achieved with the 50th ratification, last October 24th. This fact will allow its entry into force on January 22, 2021. The February 2020 elections in Togo perpetuate the Gnassingbé dynasty for the fourth consecutive period along with repression, death and impunity in the country. On the World Day for Decent Work, we participated in the activity #NosMovemosPorElTrabajoDecente ("We Move for Decent Work") in solidarity due to the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises and the increase in unemployment, typical of moments of economic and social crisis. Migrantes con Derechos has published a guide entitled "La acogida en la Iglesia: una forma de ser y hacer" (Welcoming in the Church: a way of being and doing) with which it aims to provide keys that inspire and help articulate welcoming practices in church settings. It defends the collective from the campaign against hot-foot stamping.

Justice and Peace wishes that 2020 ends with a firm conviction to transform reality in order to make it more human and respectful of the planet that sustains us, in the heartbeat of Life that becomes especially strong in fragility, as the birth of Jesus reminds us. Merry Christmas!

Isabel Cuenca
Secretary-general GCJP Spain