Peace in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories


We express our deep dismay at the resumption of the war between Israel and Palestine, with its aftermath of death and destruction, especially in the territory of Gaza.

Despite the chronification of tensions between the two peoples, we are pained by the resumption of violence to call attention to the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, since war and violence are never the way to achieve coexistence.

We cannot fail to appeal, especially to the Palestinian and Israeli civil organizations, which have been working so hard for peace, to resume dialogue and we ask for the mediation of the international community to stop the war and the attacks. It is necessary that the two peoples, that live on the same land, to have the same possibility of leading a dignified life on it.

The Palestinian people are tired of the subjugation to the Israeli military regime and the constant violation of social and political rights, living in a true situation of apartheid. Israel responds to the unjustified attacks with harshness. The result is the death of thousands of people, many of whom live in fear that the confrontation will escalate, through the use of a war machine, behind which, as no one should ignore, are the interests of third powers and the macabre arms industry, under the false belief of serving security.

It is clear that no one would wish to live in such a situation: a spiral of lack of dignity, confrontation, fear, violence, war and death.

We condemn every death caused in the conflict, regardless of nationality and creed. We join in the grief of the families of the victims. We denounce the destruction, which will mean a loss of resources to advance development and creative solutions of understanding.

We are saddened by the strategy that countries use to make their interests prevail in a situation like this. It is our responsibility to contribute to reconciliation, through democratic instruments and dialogue, and not to support exclusively one of the parties.

How many generations will this region have to wait for peace to be truly worked for? It will only come when all parties respect the fact that this place is sacred to religions, the home of two peoples, and contribute with courage and sincerity to this respect.

General Commission for Justice and Peace of Spain