Ukraine, coexistence in Europe and the Rule of Law


In view of the events that have been taking place in recent days in Ukraine due to geostrategic interests between the European Union, the United States and Russia, the Spanish Commission for Justice and Peace recalls that dialogue and negotiation are the only ways to seek peace. Violence, armed deterrence and provocation in a conflict are never the solution.

Together with Pope Francis we pray for «dear Ukraine and its people all, that the tensions surrounding it may be resolved through serious international dialogue and not with weapons».

We therefore call on you to:

  • Each part involved should come to its senses, seeking common ground and dialogue spaces without red lines that hinder negotiations.
  • A roadmap should be established to ease warmongering tensions and to freeze all military activity and future conflicts.
  • Work towards a de-escalation of provocations, a halt to the sanctions that fester the difficult situation and the start of a new path towards concord.
  • NATO should support policies of peace and understanding.
  • European governments should distance themselves from the alignment of the interests of the powers and they should promote coexistence in Europe.

Justice and Peace advocates an end to wars, to arms trade, to arms industry and it advocates for peace between peoples because Justice and Peace is certain that any armed conflict has unpredictable consequences and, above all, a high cost in human lives, while at the same time it generates ruptures that are difficult to overcome.

Spanish Commission for Justice and Peace
Madrid, 22 January 2022